World Premiere

Judy Garland

"World’s Greatest Entertainer"



TV interview with NJ tv station RVN

90 Second Promo

30 sec Comcast Video

Clips From The Show

60's tv station. Lustre Creme Sponsor

Judy: Zing Went The Strings

Liza: Rock A Bye

Frank & Dean Repartee

Judy, Frank & Dean: You Do Something To Me

Judy & Liza; Trolley Song

Judy & Emcee: MGM's Dr. Feelgood

Ensemble: Birth of the Blues

Judy: Get Happy

Liza: Maybe This Time

Liza: Mein Herr

Judy: Man That Got Away

Frank & Dean: Very Good Year

Liza; All That Jazz

Judy: Raconteur

Frank & Dean Repartee

Judy & Liza; Be A Clown

Dean: That's Amore

Frank: My Way

Judy: Over The Rainbow